Assessment and Evaluation of Cosmetics Preparations in Teenage Girls For Acne Assessment and Evaluation of Cosmetics Preparations in Teenage Girls For Acne

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Introduction The Indian cosmetics industry plays a vital role in ayurvedic and herbal cosmetics sector because India is traditionally strong in this field. Acne is common skin disorder for which dermatologists come across since last decade. Throughout the Indian market, different proprietary cosmetic formulations are available for the treatment of acne. Among the whole  range of products that fall within the region of the Indian cosmetic market, the most popular items are color cosmetics, of which Fair & Lovely, Clean&Care, Vicco Turmeric & Ponds glosses account for the most sales. Lakme and Revlon are the most popular brand in the local market. The present study was to evaluate the uses of cosmetic prepration in teenagers Girl for Acne.

Material and Methods: This was concurrent observational based study conducted by different pharmacy colleges in Greater Noida. The study was carried out in the month of March 2018 to May 2018. During study period total 200 Acne Patient Girls were evaluated.

Results & Discussion: The present study has made an earnest attempt to examine the cosmetics usage behavior of College girls. The scope of the study however has been limited to age particular arts and science College in which co-education is in vogue. The prevalence of acne was most common in the age group between 19-22 years. Among the participated teenagers girls were most commonly used product was Herbal followed by allopathic. The total average cost of the cosmetic product used by the girls in the prescription was found to be 112.23 rupees.

Keywords: Concurrent, Cosmatics, Herbal, Ayurvedic, Prevalence


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