Comparative Study of Herbal Formulation and Marketed Formulation of Triphala Churna

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Vikas Sharma
Rahul Kaushik
Pallavi Rai


In a couple of decades, there has been exponential development in the field of homegrown medications. The greater part of the conventional arrangement of herbal medication is viable; however, they need standardization. So there is a need to build up a procedure standardization. Standardization of natural medicine is fundamental so as to evaluate the quality, purity, efficacy and safety of the herbal medications. Homegrown medications are the well-known type of customary medication and the high universal requests because of their simplicity of accessibility, there lesser reactions. These homegrown details are the property or information on the mature ages of each home. Homegrown medications additionally have an enormous holistic accepts ex. Holi tulsi plant. It is important to build up basic procedures to the standardization of related natural medications. The present investigation standardization of Triphala Churna significantly centered around that region under WHO guidelines. This polyherbal Churna utilized to treat the obstruction and another gastric issue. Right now, arranged Triphala Churna was nearly standardized with the reference acquired from advertising. For the standardization of the above details were finished by assessing the macroscopically, microscopical, powder stream properties, extractive qualities, physicochemical characters, overwhelming metal substance location, qualitative and quantitive tests of tannins and alkaloids, TLC fingerprinting test to evaluate the quality and safety and therapeutic activity of formulation.

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